Backflow Inspections and Repairs

Most businesses and commercial properties are required by law to have plumbing backflow meters tested and certified every year. Backflow inspections are critical to ensuring that clean potable community water supplies doesn't become contaminated.

Backflow Inspections and Repairs Backflow prevention devices do exactly what the name implies. They prevent water, sewage or contaminated substances from flowing backwards in the pipes and into fresh water supplies, causing a serious health risk. Such contamination usually occurs at cross connections in the plumbing system. A cross connection is any plumbing connection between pipes that carry drinking water and pipes that carry non-potable water. Good examples include steam pipes, boilers and irrigation systems. The backflow of sewage, gray water or other contaminated substances into fresh water supply pipes can cause a serious health risk.

Roto-Rooter plumbers are specialists in backflow testing. Our skilled and certified backflow technicians test and service all Backflow Prevention Devices. We can install, repair and certify your backflow meter, keeping you and your business in compliance with state and local backflow testing regulations. Don't let commercial backflow inspections cause you worry, call Roto-Rooter for a backflow inspection and relax. Our experienced backflow testing specialists will take care of everything.